US senators introduced two new AI bills

The US senators introduced two bipartisan bills on Thursday, aiming to address AI challenges, promote transparency, and maintain competitiveness in the field.

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Following the growing interest in addressing technology issues, US senators introduced two separate bipartisan bills focused on AI on Thursday.

The first bill aims to clarify guidelines for the government’s use of artificial intelligence-based communication methods when interacting with the public. Essentially, the bill requires that government agencies inform the public when the agencies are using AI to interact with them while also enabling people to appeal decisions made by AI. The second bill proposes creating a dedicated entity responsible for monitoring and evaluating the country’s position in the latest developments in AI to ensure continued competitiveness.

Due to the rise of AI, there have been discussions among legislators about the need for new frameworks and regulations that would regulate its application. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer stated that he organized educational briefings on AI for senators, including the first classified briefing on the topic, emphasizing the importance of informing lawmakers about AI.