US Senate to vote on draft bill to discard FCC net neutrality repeal

The US Senate is expected to vote on a draft bill that would reverse the order adopted in December 2017 by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to repeal net neutrality rules. The draft bill, accurately termed Congressional resolution of disapproval, would make use of Congress’ authority to discard the FCC’s repeal of the 2015 Open Internet order. Having received support from more than 30 Senators (acting as co-sponsors), the bill is now entitled to bypass committee review and move to a Senate floor vote directly. While it is difficult to estimate whether the bill would pass the Senate vote, if this happens, it would nullify the decision taken by the FCC last December, and would also prohibit the Commission from attempting a similar repeal in the future. The FCC order adopted in December is currently awaiting approval from the Office of Management and Budget. Once submitted to the Congress, congressmen have 60 legislative days to pass the draft bill.