US researchers publish roadmap for the development of quantum information technologies

US researchers at Q-, led by Argonne National Laboratory, released a roadmap for quantum information technologies. The report focuses on quantum interconnects, aiming to advance quantum computing, communications, and sensing over the next decade. Experts from various institutions collaborated on the document, outlining essential research and technological developments needed for quantum information distribution.

Q-NEXT, a US Department of Energy National Quantum Information Science Research Center led by Argonne National Laboratory, published a new report which outlines the research and scientific discoveries needed to develop the technologies for distributing quantum information on a 10- to 15-year timescale. Titled ‘A Roadmap for Quantum Interconnects’, the report focuses on quantum interconnects – devices that link and distribute quantum information between systems and across distances to enable quantum computing, communications and sensing.

The roadmap tackles quantum interconnect use in quantum computing, communication, and sensing. For each of these three areas, the document identifies the science and technology imperatives needed to advance the research area over the next decade; lays out the components and systems they use; poses questions that need to be addressed by the community; and outlines the developments necessary to turn the technology to practical advantage.

Thirty-nine experts from 15 institutions across the national labs, academia and industry contributed to the report.