US National Security Agency (NSA) established AI Security Center

The NSA has just launched an Artificial Intelligence Security Center to bolster AI capabilities in defense and intelligence. Director Paul Nakasone stressed the importance of staying ahead in AI tech.


The NSA has introduced an Artificial Intelligence Security Center with the purpose of supervising the advancement and integration of AI capabilities within the nation’s defense and intelligence sectors. NSA Director Paul Nakasone emphasised the growing importance of AI in national security and stressed the necessity of preserving the United States’ edge in AI development. He expressed concerns regarding the evolving threat posed by China in this arena.

The AI security center will function within the NSA’s Cybersecurity Collaboration Center, serving as a central point for ensuring the secure implementation of AI technologies across national security and defense industries. Nakasone underscored the significance of comprehending AI vulnerabilities, safeguarding against foreign intelligence threats, and protecting US AI innovations.

While acknowledging AI’s role in aiding threat analysis, Nakasone emphasised that ultimate decisions would remain under human control. Furthermore, he noted the absence of any detected attempts by Russia or China to influence the 2024 US presidential elections thus far.

Why does this matter?

This initiative is a response to the growing importance of AI in national security, with a particular focus on safeguarding AI models from theft and sabotage and countering cyber operations, notably those originating from China, aimed at US and allied institutions. It underscores the critical role that AI plays in modern national security efforts. As AI continues to advance, it is essential to ensure its responsible development and integration to safeguard the nation.