US legislator requests that Chinese semiconductor manufacturer CXMT be added to the trade blacklist

Influental US legislator argues that the US Commerce Department should add Chinese chip firm Changxin Memory Technologies (CXMT) to the trade blacklist, as retaliation to China’s ban on US chipmaker Micron.

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In response to China’s ban on US chipmaker Micron, an influential US legislator has called for a Chinese chip firm Changxin Memory Technologies (CXMT) to be added to the US Commerce Department trade blacklist. The ban on Micron has raised concerns about fair competition and national security. 

The only one to demand retaliation so far is Representative Mike Gallagher, a lawmaker whose select committee on China has pushed the Biden administration to adopt more aggressive policies toward China. He stated that the US should make it clear to China that ‘it will not tolerate economic coercion against its companies or its allies.’ He also added: ‘The Commerce Department should immediately add ChangXin Memory Technologies to the entity list and ensure no US technology, regardless of specifications, goes to CXMT, YMTC, or other PRC firms operating in this industry.’

The lawmaker argues that adding the Chinese chip firm to the blacklist would be a necessary step to protect US interests and ensure a level playing field in the semiconductor market. The call for action reflects the growing tensions between the US and China in the tech sector, particularly regarding intellectual property and trade practices.