US government launches AI-dedicated website

One month after the publication of the American AI Initiative in February 2019, the US White House launched a website dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI). The website provides access to information about ongoing policies, initiatives, and future plans in the field of AI. At the moment, five main sections are outlined. The first section provides an overview of the Executive Order on AI, through which President Donald Trump announced the American AI Initiative. AI for American Innovation is the second section, which outlines initiatives focused on ensuring the country’s leadership in AI research and development, as well as key agencies with responsibilities in this area. The third section is on AI for American Industry, with information about the work carried out or planned by different US entities for advancing AI in sectors such as transportation, healthcare, financial services, and agriculture. This section also emphasises the US approach of ‘removing regulatory and other barriers to the safe development and testing of AI technologies’. The section on AI for the American Worker outlines the government’s commitment to ‘smart workforce initiatives that protect the American worker as a vital national asset while promoting the emerging technologies of tomorrow’. The last section – AI with American Values – underlines the goal of ensuring that AI technologies are understandable, trustworthy, robust, and safe, and reflects the intention of the US administration to maintain international leadership in the field of AI.