US government issues Quantum Workforce Development Plan

In the USA, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy’s (OSTP) National Quantum Coordination Office (NQCO) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) have released the National Strategic Plan for Quantum Information Science and Technology Workforce Development. Developed by the National Science and Technology Council Subcommittee on Quantum Information Science, the plan outlines a series of actions to ‘evaluate the quantum information science and technology (QIST) workforce landscape, prepare more people for jobs with quantum technology, enhance STEM education at all levels, accelerate exploration of quantum frontiers, and expand the talent pool for industries of the future’. The document is built around four key action lines: (1) develop and maintain an understanding of the workforce needs in the QIST ecosystem, with short-term and long-term perspectives; (2) introduce broader audiences to QIST through public outreach and educational materials; (3) address QIST-specific gaps in professional education and training opportunities; and (4) make careers in QIST and related fields more accessible and equitable.