US further tightens restrictions on Huawei’s suppliers

According to a Reuters report, the Biden administration amended licenses for companies to sell to Huawei, further restricting companies from supplying equipment that can be used with 5G devices. Existing contracts with Huawei could be disrupted by this change. The decision shows that the Biden administration is reinforcing a hard line on exports to Huawei. The initial export licenses were granted by the US Department of Commerce after Huawei was listed on the department’s trade blacklist in 2019. The new conditions make older licenses more consistent with stricter licensing policies implemented in the last days of the Trump administration. As per one revised license seen by Reuters, which took effect on 9 March, 2021, items may not be used with or in any 5G devices, prohibiting the item from going into a 5G device even if it has nothing to do with 5G functioning.