US federal jury finds Google guilty of patent infringement

A federal jury in Texas found that Google violated Touchstream Technologies patents in Chromecast, streaming videos between screens, and ordered it to pay $338.7m in damages.

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The federal jury in Waco, Texas, USA, found that Google violated the software developer’s Touchstream Technologies patent rights and must pay $338.7 million in damages. Namely, the jury found that Google’s Chromecast infringed patents related to streaming videos from one screen to another.

Touchstream Technologies filed a lawsuit in 2021 alleging that Google’s Chromecast, Home, Nest devices, and third-party televisions and speakers featuring Chromecast capabilities infringed on its patents. Google denied the accusations and contended that the patents were invalid.

Touchstream has filed similar complaints against cable providers Comcast, Charter, and Altice in Texas, which are still pending.