US CTA unveils new trustworthiness standard for healthcare AI

The US Consumer Technology Association (CTA) introduced a new standard to evaluate the trustworthiness of healthcare artificial intelligence (AI). The standard is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The standard aims to identify the core requirements and baseline for AI solutions in healthcare to be considered trustworthy. The standard, known as ANSI/CTA-2090, considers what are the three key areas relating to how trust is created and maintained across stakeholders. Human trust is concerned with developing humanistic factors that impacts the creation and maintenance of trust between the developer and users. Specifically, human trust is dependent on the ability to easily explain, user experience, and levels of autonomy of the AI solution. Technical trust is focused on design and training of AI to ensure that they deliver results as expected. It also considers data quality and integrity, such as algorithmic bias, security, and privacy. Meanwhile, regulatory trust is gained through compliance for clear laws and regulations by industry.