US Congress approves US$7 billion for aid on Internet bills and efforts to close the digital divide

The Washington Post reported that the US Congress approved US$7 billion in aid to provide Internet access to lower-income American citizens. The plan allocates about US$3 billion for monthly repayments on Internet bills, providing up to US$50 per month for low-income families. Households on Indian reservations can be eligible for up to US$75 a month. The bill sets out further investment to provide Internet access in remote areas by allocating funding to determine which regions lack access to high speed Internet and improving infrastructure. The spending, which is part of the larger US$900 billion COVID-19 stimulus package, aims to further address concerns vis-à-vis the digital divide in the USA that was amplified with the pandemics. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will reportedly be in charge of the implementation of the programme.