US Army to study human-AI interactions

The US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) has issued a presolicitation notice for ‘human-agent teaming research and engineering services’ to study how soldiers interact with artificial intelligence (AI). Noting that advanced technologies will change the nature of the battlefield, the nature of the tasks that soldiers perform, and the capabilities the soldiers need, ARL acknowledges that ‘current approaches to human-technology interaction are not sufficient to handle dynamic complexity on the scale that is expected’. As the Army will continue to integrate more AI and other advanced technologies, soldiers will have to simultaneously operate multiple technologies to achieve mission success. Research is therefore needed to support the Army’s goal to develop and deploy systems requiring soldiers to team with AI and facilitating the exchange of information between the soldier, the AI system, and the environment. This research is expected to build on existing work in neuroscience, human factors, psychology, and engineering to enhance the understanding of brain functions and behaviour in complex operational settings. The results of the research will allow the Army to ‘enhance the development of technologies for improved soldier-intelligent technology performance’.