US Administration calls on tech CEOs to promote responsible AI innovation

US officials met with AI innovation CEOs to discuss risks and the need for safety measures, emphasising CEO leadership in responsible innovation, transparency, and protection from attacks; CEOs committed to continued engagement, part of ongoing efforts to promote responsible innovation.

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Vice President Harris and senior US Administration officials met with CEOs of American AI innovation companies to discuss the need to mitigate the risks associated with AI to ensure safety, security, and democratic values. The meeting included Alphabet, Anthropic, Microsoft, and OpenAI, with a focus on responsible innovation and appropriate safeguards. The Administration emphasised the importance of transparency, safety, and security, while the CEOs committed to continuing to engage with the Administration to ensure the American people benefit from AI innovation.

Following the meeting, a statement was released by Vice President Harris, who acknowledged that while the development of AI technology has the potential to greatly benefit society, it also presents risks to safety, security, and privacy. The statement emphasises the importance of government and private companies working together to address the challenges of AI and ensure the safety of technological innovations, with a focus on advancing potential new regulations and supporting new legislation. Vice President Harris also called on the private sector to uphold ethical and legal responsibilities in ensuring the safety and security of their products.

This meeting is part of the Administration’s ongoing efforts to engage with various organisations on critical AI issues. Additionally, it was previously announced that the National Science Foundation would invest $140 million to launch seven new National AI Research Institutes, promoting responsible AI innovation, developing a diverse AI workforce, and driving breakthroughs in critical areas.