Unlocking the potential of the metaverse: Huawei’s vision for East Asia

Moscow, Russia 30 August 2019 Huawei telecom company logo on office building  against clear blue sky

Huawei is ramping up its efforts to bring new technologies to the forefront with its latest partnership announcement. The tech giant has teamed up with a number of blockchain companies to launch its Metaverse and Web3 Alliance projects aimed at driving the adoption of these cutting-edge technologies in East Asia and beyond. This collaboration was unveiled at the Huawei Cloud Asia Pacific Partnership Leaders Summit in Bali, Indonesia, on 23 February.

The partnership sees Huawei joining forces with leading blockchain companies such as Polygon, Deepbrain Chain, Morpheus Labs, and Blockchain Solutions, with more expected to follow suit in the near future. These partnerships are part of Huawei’s broader strategy to drive digital transformation and productivity across the globe. In addition to its blockchain alliance, Huawei has set its sights on rolling out 6G networks by 2030.