UNESCO will foster the dialogue on ethical guidelines for the neurotechnology sector

UNESCO approved a global dialogue on an ethical framework for Neurotechnology to address human rights threats.

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UNESCO’s Executive Board has approved the proposal to hold a global dialogue on developing an ethical framework for the growing Neurotechnology sector. The dialogue aims to address potential threats to human rights and fundamental freedoms posed by these advancements. The international conference will explore the potential benefits of Neurotechnology in solving neurological problems and mental disorders while emphasising the need for ethical guidelines.

Neurotechnology’s ability to reduce the burden of neurological disorders is acknowledged, but concerns arise regarding unauthorised access to brain information and the potential for disruptive effects on young minds. Memory Modification Techniques also raise ethical dilemmas. Moreover, the concentration of Neurotech companies in certain regions may exacerbate global inequalities, leading to an unfair advantage for those with access to advanced technology.