UNESCO launched a platform which encourages gender equality and inclusive AI systems worldwide

Women4Ethical AI is a platform to use AI to improve gender equality. AI should identify biases and educate people about equality.

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Women4EthicalAI is a platform recently formed by UNESCO that is headed by highly successful women with the shared objective of leveraging artificial intelligence systems to advance gender equality since artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly increasing.

Artificial intelligence should identify biases and educate people about equality, regardless of race, colour, origin, gender, age, language, religion, political opinion, national origin, ethnic origin, social origin, economic or social status of birth or disability, or any other basis protected by human rights.

Gender bias in contemporary times might refer to two closely linked issues: gender prejudice in our world and gender bias in artificial intelligence. According to Begoni Lasagabaster, Director of UNESCO’s Department of Gender Equality, 60% of men and women feel that men speaking up against discrimination against women is uncommon.

Amazon’s AI recruitment tool, which was found to be gender biased in 2018, and Google’s image search, which was found to be significantly gender biased in 2019, are two examples of gender discrimination.

Given that gender prejudice can exist anywhere, such as biased individuals in power and poisonous media, it’s not surprising that AI can be limited because humans create it, and those humans are frequently taught subjective data and often normalise and support discrimination against others.