UN Women initiative: bridging gender digital divides in Africa

UN Women’s program, involving coding, robotics, web development, and ICT security, was held at a high school in Kenya, focusing on gender equality.

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UN Women has chosen 50 young women from various African regions for a specialised training program, a critical step in increasing gender diversity in the STEM and ICT industries. The African Girls Can Code Initiative (AGCCI), which strives to address the gender gap in technology, aligns with this. Participants leave the school with the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in these fields.

UN Women delegate Ana Mutavati brought attention to the gender access gaps that persist in computer and internet use. An intensive two-week program, including coding, robotics, web development, and ICT security, was held at a high school in Kenya, along with discussions on gender equality.

Intending to empower women in technology for regional development, Kenya joins eleven other African nations in this initiative, which the African Union, International Telecommunication Union and Siemens back.

More than 1,256 applications were submitted, according to Elizabeth Obanda, leader of the UN Women Economic Empowerment team. The program also has six qualified trainers, and by the end of the year, it hopes to have added fifty more participants. Siemens will provide $35,000 in financing, computers for ongoing study, and a six-month mentorship.

Why does it matter?

The significance of the African Girls Can Code Initiative (AGCCI) lies in its pivotal role in addressing the digital divide and gender inequality within the STEM and ICT sectors, especially in rural and underserved regions. This program holds the potential to bridge the gap by providing young women with essential training and skills needed to excel in technology-related fields. By selecting 50 participants from diverse backgrounds nationwide, AGCCI actively contributes to reducing the disparities in access to technology education and resources. With a focus on coding, robotics, web development, and ICT security, the initiative empowers these women with the tools to participate in the digital economy. By extending its reach to rural areas, AGCCI plays a transformative role in breaking down barriers, fostering gender equality, and promoting inclusive technological growth, ultimately enriching the overall landscape of technology innovation and development in the country.