UN Technology Bank and NASAC teamed up to support the launch of the Lesotho Academy of Science and Technology

The UN Technology Bank and The Network of African Science Academies (NASAC) announced a partnership to kick off the Lesotho Academy of Science and Technology (LAST) which will provide consultation on science, technology, and innovation (STI), policy development, and implementation to address socio-economic challenges and promote development in Lesotho. The academy, which is an independent platform for knowledge transfer among different stakeholders in the field, will partner with regional and continental academies of sciences as a reservoir of advice, strategic leadership, and expertise. ‘The key objective of the Technology Bank under this programme is to support Lesotho’s national technological efforts and support the reinforcement of partnerships across sectors and help Lesotho identify, access, adapt and deploy appropriate technologies to transform its economy and improve the livelihoods of Basotho’ noted UN Technology Bank Managing Director Joshua Setipa. During the first quarter of 2021, UN Technology Bank will support launching academies in Malawi, DRC, and Chad, followed by Liberia, Niger, and Sierra Leone to enhance their strategic planning, mobilise resources, and increase awareness about academies.