UN Task Force looks at harnessing digitalisation in financing of the SDGs

The UN Secretary-General’s Task Force on Digital Financing of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) released a progress report on Harnessing Digitalization in Financing of the Sustainable Development Goals. The report showed that the digital revolution in financial technology (fintech) helps accelerate the SDGs through channeling citizens’ money to finance sustainable development and supporting the financing of the SDGs. The Report invited policymakers, experts, market practitioners, and consumer advocates to provide input to address key areas: a) identifying major areas of opportunities for advancing digital approaches to the mobilisation and effective use of finance in support of the SDGs, b) supporting the governance innovations necessary to overcome barriers in harnessing digitalisation for the financing of the SDGs, c) building national and regional capabilities to accelerate the local development of SDG-aligned digital financing, d) pinpointing needs and occasions for international cooperation, and e) measuring progress in harnessing digital financing of the SDGs and supporting more systematic international, national and regional planning and policy development as well as coordination with business and other non-state actors.