UN Security Council held its first-ever open debate on maintaining peace and security in cyberspace

On June 29  Estonia, in the capacity of the President of the Security Council, held a high-level open debate on the theme ‘Maintaining international peace and security in cyberspace’.

All Member States were invited to share national views on several issues:

  • What kind of impact may the malicious use of cyberspace have in relation to conflicts in the future? 
  • What global, regional and national policy mechanisms are in place to mitigate cyberthreats and advance responsible State behaviour?
  • How to strengthen compliance with existing international law and the implementation of norms of responsible State behaviour in cyberspace as agreed to by States Members of the United Nations? 
  • Given the multi-stakeholder nature of cyberspace, what role can the wider community, including the private sector, civil society and academia, play in helping to prevent conflict ?
  • In the case of serious situations arising from cyberactivities that might lead to international conflict or give rise to a dispute, what are the possible options to respond and seek a peaceful solution? 

Representatives of Vietnam, Kenya, US, Ireland, India, Niger, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Norway, UK, France, Tunisia, China, Russia, Mexico shared their concerns in the debate.