UN report on reimagining global health through AI

The UN Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development released a new report entitled ‘Reimagining Global Health through Artificial Intelligence: The Roadmap to AI Maturity.’ The report argues that while low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) may have the most to gain from the radical potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform health systems, they may also have the most to lose because of systemic health issues with new advanced capabilities, including the shortage of health workers, emerging threats, a dual burden of disease, underserved populations, rapid urbanisation, and misinformation and disinformation. Therefore, the report stresses the importance of integrating AI-enabled tools into the way healthcare is delivered, and expanding access for all in order to address the ongoing growing health challenges. To this aim, the report pinpoints six areas for AI maturity in health: people and workforce, data and technology, governance and regulatory, design and processes, partnerships and stakeholders, and business models. It further provides detailed specific action points and recommendations for each stakeholder group to navigate challenges, pursue best practices, and strengthen AI-enablers.