UN hires an AI company to analyse the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The creators acknowledge the complexity of the issue and emphasize that the AI model is not intended to solve the crisis but rather to explore potential solutions.

United Nations Headquarters in New York City

The UN has contracted an AI company to develop an AI model that analyses potential solutions to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

During their visit to the West Bank in September, company founders, both Americans based in Europe, witnessed the volatile situation in the region. Despite the risks, their presence on the ground is an integral part of their contract with the UN to develop this AI model. Their model is designed to provide insights into implementing policies and communication strategies, helping to understand and analyse the underlying causes of the conflict. CulturePulse’s AI model does not aim to offer immediate, definitive solutions. Instead, it serves as a tool for analysis and understanding, guiding policymakers in developing strategies that could pave the way for peace.

Why does it matter?

Developing this unique AI model for the UN represents an innovative approach to tackling the Israel-Palestinian conflict and the importance that AI-based solutions are gaining in international bodies such as the UN.