UK’s One Login is at 1.5 million downloads to date

UK nationals increase their use of the One Login service as government proves out its full potential.

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There is an increase in the uptake of the One Login app and its accompanying service in the United Kingdom(UK), in spite of initial concerns such as the loss of privacy. One Login allows people in the UK with the relevant photo ID to access eight services, a number set to increase to 100 by 2025. It is intended to replace the 191 ways to set up accounts and 44 currently used sign-in methods. Using the system, nationals and residents with the requisite IDs can now access services such as the HM Land Registry and Social Work England and Drive and Vehicle Standards Agency.

It is presently being monitored for more complex use cases, such as for the Universal Credit and tax-free childcare payments, and multi-tiered operations, as it is only being used now for single-tiered tasks. In the short term, Cabinet also has several upgrades in the pipeline, including facilitating the use of other forms of IDs to access the system and a face-to-face verification programme for the digital recluse.

One Login is expected to save taxpayers in the UK some $700 million pounds by reducing costs such as identity management, integration, and help-desk costs currently accrued under the current system.