UK’s AI Council considers a ban of powerful AI systems

UK Government’s expert AI council, discusses a possible future ban of very powerful artificial-general-intelligence (AGI) systems.

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Marc Warner, a member of the AI Council and head of Faculty AI, has raised concerns about the potential need for a future ban on highly powerful artificial general intelligence (AGI) systems, warning that such technology could pose risks leading to humanity’s extinction. Faculty AI was among the technology companies invited to discuss the safety and responsible use of AI with UK’s Technology Minister. Warner emphasises the importance of making sensible decisions on AGI within the next 6 to 12 months, incorporating transparency, audit requirements, and safety measures. While acknowledging concerns about stifling development, Warner believes that prioritising safety will ultimately give Britain a competitive advantage.

These discussions come in the wake of joint calls by the EU and US for voluntary codes of practice for AI, with an emphasis on international cooperation among like-minded countries. The European Union is also drafting the EU Artificial Intelligence Act as one of the first regulatory frameworks for AI.