Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation introduces new government services platform

Ukraine has launched the Diia.Engine platform that helps ministries and government agencies create and manage registers, boosting the launch of online services and digitalisation.


The Ukrainian government has introduced the Diia.Engine platform, a digital solution designed to assist ministries and government agencies in creating and managing registers. The platform aims to enhance orderly and secure data storage, automate public services, and boost online services and digitalisation.

Diia.Engine platform enables the creation and management of registers, which serve as the foundation for digitalising the state. Currently, 20 ministries and central executive agencies are utilising Diia.Engine to create over 50 registers and more than 100 public services. It offers faster development time and lower costs compared to traditional approaches.

One notable registry developed on Diia.Engine is the Register of Damaged and Destroyed Property, which contains over 520,000 reports from Ukrainian citizens. This registry has paved the way for the comprehensive eVidnovlennia (eRecovery) program, promoting transparent reconstruction in Ukraine and providing services to citizens.

Why does it matter?

Ukraine currently has over 400 state registers that are often outdated and susceptible to cyberattacks. Some registers are still stored on paper or Excel spreadsheets, making it impossible to launch digital services and develop a digital state. Diia.Engine platform enables government agencies to establish registers of different complexities and automate government services and databases. It eliminates the need for large teams and excessive budgets, and developers receive training and guidance on utilising its functionality.