UK updates code of conduct for AI in the health system

The UK Department of Health and Social Care updated its Code of Conduct for data-driven health and care technology, outlining a set of principles to be considered in the development, deployment and use of artificial intelligence (AI) and other data-driven technologies in the national health system. Understanding the users, their needs and the context is the first principle outlined in the code, emphasising the need to have a clear understanding of who the technology will be for and what problems it is supposed to solve. Two other principles focus on data protection and accountability. On the one hand, AI-based health technologies should be developed and used in line with privacy regulations. On the other hand, technology developers must be fair, transparent and accountable about the data that is being used. When it comes to algorithms, developers are advised to be transparent about the strengths and limitations of the data used and the algorithms deployed. Moreover, they should undertake ethical examinations of how the data is used and how the algorithm will be integrated into health and care provision. Another important principle focuses on making security an integral part of the design of data-driven health applications.