UK universities establish principles for using AI in education

Educators from the Russell Group of UK universities have established a set of principles for using AI in education, aimed at creating an ‘AI literate’ workforce and ensuring ethical use of generative AI.

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UK’s leading universities, represented by the Russell Group, have established a set of principles to guide the use of AI in education.

These principles aim to create an ‘AI literate’ community of students and staff, enabling them to leverage the benefits of AI while mitigating risks. The principles include promoting the ethical use of generative AI, ensuring equal access to technology, upholding academic rigour, and adapting teaching and assessment to incorporate the use of AI. By promoting AI literacy among students and staff, they aim to harness the transformative potential of AI while preserving the integrity of high-quality education.

The move comes as the UK government launches a consultation on using generative AI in education. Industry experts have praised the initiative as a way to prepare the future workforce and close the AI skills gap.