UK Tech Secretary sparks controversy with encryption claims in Online Safety Bill debate

Experts claim the official is restating untrue statements and leaving out important information.

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The UK Technology Secretary’s statements regarding the Online Safety Bill have sparked a contentious debate among encryption experts, who accuse the official of repeating false claims and omitting crucial details.

The proposed legislation is poised to introduce significant changes for private messaging companies utilizing end-to-end (E2E) encryption. Specifically, these companies would be required to implement content scans to detect child abuse material within user communications. This would mandate users to install specialized scanning software on their devices, enabling message examination before encryption.

Critics, including prominent messaging applications such as Meta-owned WhatsApp and Signal, have vehemently opposed the proposed legislation. They argue that it could potentially vest unchecked power in an unelected authority, thereby compromising the privacy rights of countless individuals on a global scale. The dispute underscores the intricate balance between digital privacy and the need to combat online criminal activities.

Why does it matter?

This ongoing disagreement is just one piece of a more extensive conversation happening between big tech companies and governments. The tech companies say they want to protect free speech, while the governments say they’re trying to keep people safe from harmful stuff on the internet.

British minister Michelle Donelan, a key figure in this discussion, pointed out that it’s up to the tech companies to spend money on making tools that can keep kids safe.