UK Surveillance Camera Commissioner issues guidelines for police on use of facial recognition technology

In the UK, the Surveillance Camera Commissioner (SCC) has issued guidelines for police forces on the use of live facial recognition (LFR) technology in line with current legal frameworks. In the document, the SCC recommends that where police forces are considering operating LFR, they should develop mechanisms which provide for meaningful and independent ethical oversight of their decision making and operational conduct. Another recommendation states that, when procuring LFR systems, an assessment is made as to whether the software or hardware which is to be/ has been procured and is to be used, has a known vulnerability, or history/pedigree of vulnerability to being hacked.  When putting in place procedures that imply the use of LFR, police should ensure that such procedures are used to enhance public safety and the public good, respect human rights and the dignity of individuals, be based on robust evidence, and protect the right to respect for private and family life where this does not conflict with the legitimate aim of the criminal justice system to protect the public from harm.