UK intelligence agencies seek more relaxed approach to AI regulation

UK intelligence agencies, including MI5 and MI6, are lobbying for a lighter-touch approach to regulating artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in relation to access to personal data for security needs.

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The UK’s intelligence agencies are pushing for a more relaxed approach to regulating AI. It is happening in the context of revision of amending the 2016 Investigatory Powers Act (IPA) which aimed to define how investigatory powers can interfere with privacy.

The current IPA’s regulation was introduced after 2013 Snowden’s revelation of the use of phone records of Verizon customers by the UK’s National Security Agency.

For advanced use of AI in surveillance, UK’s intelligence community would need more relaxing IPA’s regulation for the access to personal data.

There is a mix view of the use of AI in the field of security and surveillance. It can increase automaton of intelligence gathering and analysis. In the same time, intelligence could be affected by bias, error, and overall lack of transparency in AI algorithms.

The use of AI in intelligence surveillance also raises ethical concerns. Overall, there is still doubt about whether AI is ready for the task of surveillance.

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