UK guides local authorities on how and why to share transport data

UK government provides guidance for local authorities on sharing transport data, emphasizing the importance of open data sharing to support various Department for Transport projects. The data collected on public transport, car sharing, bike sharing, and walking helps optimize transport services by understanding people’s movement patterns and identifying areas for improvement or new service opportunities.

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The UK government issued guidance for local authorities in the UK containing advice and case studies on opening up and sharing transport data, and explaining why and how this should be done so that others can use data. The guidance also explains how data sharing is helping to support current Department for Transport (DfT) projects.

This data can be used to provide insights into how people move around the country and to inform the development of transport services. It includes information on the usage of public transport, car sharing, bike sharing, and walking. It can help identify areas where services could be improved or new services could be established.