UK government works on improving digital skills of the elderly and providing digital solutions to vulnerable groups

The UK government’s Digital Inclusion Fund provides an award of £400 000 to support digital inclusion through three projects that support the development of smart homes for the elderly, an app to combat obesity, and video consultations in palliative care. The smart homes scheme is led by Uttlesford Council for Voluntary Service that trains homeowners to be ‘digital boomers’  to help others improve their digital skills. ‘Digital boomers’ open up their homes to other older people to show them how they can make the most of smart technology in areas such as controlling household appliances and contacting friends and family by video. Another scheme is dedicated to a ‘Health Swap’ app created by the Down’s Syndrome Association to allow people with Down’s syndrome to monitor their weight and exercise levels with their smartphones to promote good health and wellbeing. Weldmar Hospicecare Trust will further investigate how technology can improve end of life and palliative care. To this aim, it will examine how technology can help citizens report their health on a daily basis and request video consultations that are time and cost effective.