UK government invests £2 million in AI classroom technology

The UK government has announced a £2 million investment in new classroom technology, including AI tools, to reduce teachers’ workloads and enhance education.

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The UK government has announced a £2 million investment in new classroom technology incorporating AI tools to reduce teachers’ workloads and to provide better education and brighter prospects for children and future students. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak revealed that AI tools will be introduced in classrooms across England, with the funding used by Oak National Academy.

The decision to invest in AI tools follows a successful pilot project that tested their effectiveness. However, concerns have been raised by Geoff Barton, General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, regarding the government’s approach and allocation of funds. Barton questioned the impact AI technology will have on the education system and whether the government has supported the development of this technology through the existing education technology industry.

Government officials believe the funding will pave the way for a personalised AI assistant in every classroom, aiming to reduce administrative tasks and create personalised student learning experiences. Education Secretary Gillian Keegan is confident that, by tapping into the benefits of AI, teachers can focus on their primary responsibilities of teaching and supporting students, minimising the time they spend working beyond their designated teaching hours.

Prime Minister Sunak praised the potential of AI to revolutionise the education system, benefiting both teachers and students. However, the announcement precedes the AI safety summit, where global leaders will gather to establish ground rules for the safe use of emerging AI technology.