UK cybersecurity chief warns of China’s technological rise as a security threat

Cameron made the remarks at the CyberUK conference in Belfast.


The head of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Lindy Cameron, announced that China represents a significant and era-defining challenge for the West.

Cameron raised concerns about China’s increasing technological prowess and its impact on global politics and economics. ‘Bluntly, we cannot afford not to keep pace with China. Otherwise, we risk China becoming the predominant power in cyberspace’, she said. ‘China is not only pushing for parity with Western countries, it is aiming for global technological supremacy,’ Cameron continued.

She noted that China is using its cyber capabilities to conduct intelligence and surveillance campaigns. Similar remarks about China’s activities were made earlier in the week by the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service’s director general Eric Akerboom.

This comes as Western countries grapple with how to respond to China’s growing influence and potential security risks.