UK calls for mandatory identity verification on Meta’s marketplace to combat shoplifting

The UK’s National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), is urging Meta to introduce mandatory identity and location verification on its Marketplace platform to tackle a rising epidemic of shoplifting

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The UK’s National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), has called on Meta to implement mandatory identity and location verification on Meta’s marketplace platform. The NPCC Chief Superintendent Alex Goss, believes that online platforms such as Meta need to take a more proactive approach in combating shoplifting by considering criminality when designing their platforms.

Shoplifting of high-value items, such as alcohol, steak, and cosmetics, continues to be a significant problem. Thieves target these items due to their value and demand on the market. Goss’s call for Meta to enforce identity and location verification aims to deter potential shoplifters and make it harder for them to anonymously sell stolen goods on the platform.

Under the plan, police forces are now prioritising shoplifting incidents and attending the location where a suspect is being held by store staff. This indicates that shoplifting has become a growing concern, requiring immediate attention and stronger preventive measures.