UK calls for communication and cohesion to accelerate fibre and 5G deployment

Communication, collaboration and a common approach will be key to accelerating the development of fibre and 5G networks in the UK, according to a new government report.

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According to a new UK government report titled ‘Local Authorities as Connectivity Enablers,’ effective communication, collaboration, and a unified approach are crucial to accelerating the development of fiber and 5G networks in the country. It primarily focuses on the role of local authorities in gigabit infrastructure deployment but also applies its conclusions to telecom operators and network builders.

The report, produced by consultancy FarrPoint for the Digital Connectivity Forum (DCF), highlights that all stakeholders involved in fiber and 5G networks need to improve communication to address significant inconsistencies in approach among local authorities regarding digital infrastructure deployment.

Key areas of consideration in the report include the importance of better communication and engagement between various entities, such as central and local governments, planning bodies, and telecom companies. The report suggests creating digital champions within local authorities to facilitate this process.