UK adopts AI strategy

The UK has launched a National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy to ‘boost business use of AI, attract international investment and develop [the] next generation of tech talent’. The strategy is built around three key goals: (1) investing and plan for the long-term needs of the AI ecosystem to continue UK leadership as a science and AI superpower; (2) support the transition to an AI-enabled economy; (3) ensure the UK gets the national and international governance of AI technology right, to encourage innovation, investment, and protect public and fundamental values. The government plans to launch a National AI Research and Innovation Programme, as well as a joint programme of the Office for AI and UK Research & Innovation aimed at supporting the development of AI at a national level. Also envisioned is the elaboration of a white paper on AI regulation, and the launch of a consultation on copyright and patents for AI. In addition, the UK intends to trial an AI Standards Hub to coordinate the country’s engagement in setting global rules, and working with The Alan Turing Institute to update guidance on AI ethics and safety in the public sector.