Uganda deported three senior officials of mobile network operator MTN in unclear circumstances. Olivier Prentout- a French national, Annie Bilenge Tabura, Rwandese, and, Elza Muzzolini an Italian were deported within the month of January for what the po

An announcement by the government of Cameroon on its plans to set up an innovation hub in Yaoundé is stirring opposition from English speaking areas. The new hub is similar to what has come to be known as Silicon Mountain in the English speaking region of Buea. Recent tensions between the French and English speaking regions resulted in an Internet shutdown in English speaking regions which lasted over 200 days and a near collapse of Silicon Mountain. Innovation hubs have taken root up in many African cities in recent years and are increasingly funded by governments. The government of Cameroon proposes to spend a large poortion of its scientific, research and innovation budget to support young Cameroonian software developers in the new hub.