Uber claims to be an undisputed global leader in ride-hailing

In a report published on the sidelines of its quarterly earnings, Uber revealed the dimension of its business across the world. Currently, the platform is involved in the private transportation of passengers, food delivery, freights, new mobility services such as bicycle rentals and driverless cars. The report has pointed out that Uber operates in 69 countries and over 900 cities. In 2019, the company earned US$65 billion with the transportation of passengers and matched 7 billion trips with 5 million drivers. Uber operated 76% of all rides in the sector in 2019. In the USA, Canada, Latin American countries, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East Uber’s market share of ride-hailing businesses is estimated at 65%. In the report, Uber has also expressed its interest in investing in sustainable, low-cost products, such as TukTuk and moto.