Uber cannot appeal driver case to UK Supreme Court

5 Dec 2017

After a London tribunal decided last month that Uber drivers are entitled to workers' rights, the company submitted a request to appeal directly to the UK Supreme Court. The request has been denied, meaning that the case will have to be heard by the Court of Appeal first. The decision was welcome by the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain, which stated that it is ready to confront Uber in the Court of Appeal.

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The impact of the Internet on businesses and the global economy has been crucial in shaping new economic models, and at the same time, raising new concerns.

The Internet is one of the primary drivers of economic growth, which is visible in many countries that have placed the development of ICT as one of the primary tools for boosting the economy.

Historically, telecommunications, broadcasting, and other related areas were separate industry segments; they used different technologies and were governed by different regulations.


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