UAE launches AI-powered platform for enhanced government services

The upgraded platform offers users a dynamic and interactive environment, allowing easy access to information and services provided by federal and local government entities.

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The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) has introduced a new version of the UAE Government’s Unified Digital Platform called, which serves as the interface for the government’s digital presence and provides access to services offered by federal and local government entities in the UAE. 

The upgraded platform utilizes generative AI to offer an interactive environment where users can engagingly access information and government services at any time. Using the UAE Pass allows users to easily navigate between different government websites without having multiple registrations or passwords. 

The platform has been enhanced to improve the customer experience, with AI algorithms personalising search results and services for individual users. This development aligns with the UAE’s commitment to leveraging technology to facilitate customer interactions and create an efficient and user-friendly government experience. 

The platform is highly regarded, attracting millions of annual visitors and contributing to the UAE’s leading position in global rankings of digital government development. It provides access to thousands of services and information pages from both federal and local government sources, catering to the needs of citizens, residents, visitors, and the business sector.