UAE approves ‘National Policy for Quality of Digital Life’

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) endorsed the ‘National Policy for Quality of Digital Life’ to create a safe digital community in the country and promote a positive identity through appropriate digital interactions. The policy, which was approved by Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, was drafted by the National Council for Quality of Digital Life in partnership with pertinent authorities. It encompasses 10 articles on the UAE’s legacy, digital reputation, respect for others, positive investment, good manners, digital privacy, publishing credibility, responsibility and systems, digital ethics, and balanced usage. ‘We adopted the National Policy for Quality of Digital Life to maintain a healthy and positive digital environment for new generations who spend more time in virtual reality than in the real world. Our aim is to make their reality positive, productive, and safe,’ said His Highness Sheikh Mohammed. The policy aims at improving the quality of digital life through four stated key pillars:

  • Digital capacities: building the capacities of members of the community and enabling them to use the internet in an aware and correct manner
  • Digital behaviour: consolidating positive digital values and behaviours
  • Digital content: guiding the community to use positive content
  • Digital communication: protecting users from the risks of dealing with suspicious parties