UAE aiming to lead the way in Metaverse innovation with digital smell technology

UAE is diving into the Metaverse with an innovative startup called Auralink, co-founded by Italian inventor Alistair Pernigo. Their Meta-nose device can identify thousands of smells with over 95% accuracy, paving the way for digital aroma experiences. Dubai’s support for immersive technologies is attracting ambitious projects making it a hotspot for Metaverse development.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is embracing the potential of the metaverse and attracting innovative startups in the field. One such startup is Auralink, co-founded by 21-year-old Italian inventor Alistair Pernigo. Auralink specialises in advanced technologies that detect, analyse, and reproduce smells. Pernigo has created a device called Meta-nose, which can identify thousands of smells with over 95% accuracy by detecting gaseous particles and converting them into digital data.

The UAE has been proactive in supporting metaverse-related initiatives. It developed the Dubai Metaverse Strategy in 2022, aiming to attract 1,000 companies, create 40,000 virtual jobs, and add $4 billion to Dubai’s GDP by 2030. The establishment of Dubai’s Virtual Assets and Regulatory Agency and the creation of bespoke rules and incentives for working in the Metaverse have facilitated the growth of the industry.

While the Metaverse and immersive technologies are still in the early stages of adoption, the UAE’s government enterprises are driving the exploration of these technologies. Various government entities, including the Economy Ministry, have established departments dedicated to the Metaverse. The Ajman police force, for example, has created a Metaverse experience that enables virtual conversations and interactions with virtual avatars of officials.