Twitter is changing its approach to hateful content

Twitter will label and reduce the visibility of tweets that violate its hateful content policy instead of removing them.

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Twitter has changed its policy on hateful content and will no longer remove tweets that violate its policy. Instead, the company will publicly label such tweets as having violated its rules and reduce their visibility on the platform. Authors of labeled tweets will have the opportunity to submit feedback if they do not agree with the restriction. 

According to the company, this move is intended to increase transparency on enforcement actions and to promote freedom of speech while limiting its reach. Initially, it will be applicable to tweets that violate the Hateful Conduct policy, but the company plans to expand its ‘visibility filtering’ to other areas in the future. Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, has refuted claims that there has been an increase in hate speech on the platform following the company’s acquisition for $44 billion in 2022.