Twitter confirms ‘security incident’ affecting private tweets sent to the Twitter Circles

Twitter has admitted to a ‘security incident’ where private tweets sent through the Twitter Circle feature were inadvertently exposed to users outside of the intended recipient group.

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Twitter has revealed a ‘security incident’ that led to private tweets sent to Twitter Circles being exposed to users outside of the intended Circle. Twitter Circle, a feature introduced in August 2022, allows users to send tweets exclusively to a select group of people, ensuring privacy for the public. With Twitter Circle, users can create a specific list of friends and share tweets that only those individuals can view.

However, in an email sent to affected users and obtained by The Guardian, Twitter acknowledged that tweets had breached this containment. The email states that a ‘security incident’ occurring earlier in the year may have permitted users outside of the intended Circle to access tweets that were meant to be limited to the specific Circle to which they were posted.