Turkmenistan’s ‘Turkmensvyaz’ Agency looks to Kyrgyzstan for digital practices with UN support

By studying Kyrgyzstan’s achievements in digitalization, Turkmenistan aims to implement similar practices, fostering transparency and efficiency in governmental interactions.

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Turkmenistan’s ‘Turkmensvyaz’ Agency recently visited Kyrgyzstan with the aim of learning from the country’s successful digital public services model. A broader UN Development Program project supports Turkmenistan’s commitment to enhancing its electronic interaction system.

The visit focused on learning from Kyrgyzstan’s experiences in digitalization to create a more transparent and efficient government service platform. This collaboration between Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan, supported by the UN, aims to implement electronic interaction systems and catalyze a digital revolution in the region.

Why does it matter?

Turkmenistan’s adoption of Kyrgyzstan’s practices could lead to improved cooperation and harmonization of digital services across Central Asia and encourage other nations to invest more significantly in public service delivery.