Turkish student jailed for using AI to cheat on exam

The student had been behaving suspiciously during the exam, prompting immediate intervention by law enforcement.

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Turkish authorities have arrested a student for using a makeshift device linked to AI software to cheat during a university entrance exam. The student, who was acting suspiciously, was detained by police during the exam and later formally arrested and sent to jail pending trial. Another individual involved in helping the student was also detained.

A police video from Isparta province showed the student’s setup: a camera disguised as a shirt button connected to AI software through a router hidden in the sole of their shoe. The system allowed the AI to generate correct answers, relayed to the student through an earpiece.

This incident highlights the increasing use of advanced technology in cheating, prompting concerns about exam security and integrity. The authorities are now investigating the extent of this cheating method and considering measures to prevent similar occurrences in the future.