Trust in the age of AI: Can certification ensure quality and ethical standards?

Should scientists developing AI products be licensed? The British Computer Society calls for professionalism to ensure ethical standards are met.

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The British Computer Society (BCS), the professional body for tech workers, has advocated for the implementation of licensing and certification requirements for scientists involved in the development of AI products, drawing parallels with the regulations imposed on medical professionals. Emphasizing the significance of professionalism and ethical standards within the industry, BCS CEO Rashik Parmar expressed these sentiments in response to the ongoing review of the AI market by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

Parmar also voiced concerns regarding the increasing dominance of major tech companies. In light of these concerns, Parmar underscored the necessity of certified professionals and put forth the suggestion of establishing a register specifically for computer scientists engaged in AI technologies, particularly those associated with critical infrastructure or carrying potential risks to human life.