Trudeau Announces C$2.4 Billion Investment in AI Sector and Safety Initiatives

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a C$2.4 billion investment to enhance the country’s AI sector

A man interacts with artificial intelligence to optimize and automate computing.

In an announcement made in Montreal as part of a pre-budget tour, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled a C$2.4 billion investment aimed at bolstering the country’s artificial intelligence (AI) sector. This initiative includes a substantial C$2 billion fund designed to enhance computing capabilities and technical infrastructure access.

Additionally, C$200 million will be allocated towards encouraging AI adoption in agriculture, health care, and clean technology sectors. The government is also set to launch a C$50-million AI safety institute to guard against advanced AI threats and allocate C$5.1 million for the office of the AI and Data Commissioner, reinforcing the proposed Artificial Intelligence and Data Act, Bill C-27.

This legislation, currently under committee review since September 2023, seeks to update privacy laws and impose new obligations for high-impact AI systems. This strategic investment underscores Canada’s commitment to leading in AI development and safety, highlighting a proactive approach to harnessing AI’s potential benefits while mitigating its risks.