TikTok empowers creators with tools for transparent AI labeling

TikTok is introducing new tools to help creators label AI-generated content and enhance transparency. Now, creators can easily mark their AI videos, and TikTok is testing automatic labeling.

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TikTok is unveiling fresh tools and technology designed to assist content creators in labeling AI-generated content and elevating transparency. As the utilisation of AI in content creation grows, TikTok acknowledges the necessity to distinguish when AI is involved. The objective is to mitigate potential viewer confusion arising from AI-generated content, consistent with TikTok’s existing policy mandating the labelling of realistic AI content such as deepfakes.

TikTok’s commitment to transparency extends to renaming AI-driven effects and offering educational resources about AI to users. The company consulted with experts, including Dr. David G. Rand from MIT, to ensure user comprehension and clarity. These labelling adjustments align with TikTok’s broader initiatives centred on AI transparency and responsible innovation, demonstrating a commitment to bolstering user awareness and safety. The rollout of AI labels to users will occur progressively.

These updates come as part of TikTok’s broader efforts in the realm of AI in media. In February, TikTok made a commitment to adhere to the Partnership on AI’s Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media, which outlines industry-leading practices for promoting transparency and responsible innovation in AI. Additionally, in August, the company collaborated with the nonprofit organisation Digital Moment to organise roundtable discussions with young individuals, seeking to understand their viewpoints on AI advancements on the internet.

Why does this matter?

TikTok’s efforts to label AI-generated content and enhance transparency provide viewers with the necessary context to make informed judgments about the content they consume. It also aligns with broader industry trends towards responsible AI use and helps combat potential misinformation or deception through AI-generated media. Ultimately, it contributes to a safer and more transparent digital environment for users. TikTok is also in the process of developing automated systems for detecting and labelling AI content, addressing the ambiguity between genuine and AI-generated content. Importantly, TikTok emphasises the importance of adherence to labelling policies without imposing penalties on creators for non-synthetic AI content.